Due to COVID-19 and the travel restrictions to Singapore, our courses are now suspended until further notice.

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Why Choose Yamato Ramen School?

Digital Cooking

Yamato Ramen School's methodolgy is based on precise numbers. Without complete reliance on experiences, guess-work, or feelings, our methods are based on what we call - “digital cooking”.


Because recipes and processes are all controlled by numbers, anyone can recreate the same quality over and over with consistency. This concept is evident and consistent in our school's curriculum. Our students, even those with years of experience, benefitted from understanding the science behind the cooking. 

Focus on Students' success

Yamato Noodle School offers short but intensive courses where you can learn what it takes to become a successful noodle shop owner.

Our curriculum is scientifically proven, and also operationally feasible. That's based on decades of culinary and operational experience from the instructors. 

Yamato wants you to be successful. That’s why Yamato Noodle School offers the best possible curriculum to teach you the key elements of successful noodle business.

Proven track record

Through more than three decades of experience, Yamato has accumulated knowledge about how to create a successful ramen specialty shops.


Yamato Noodle School focuses on teaching the ins and outs of a prosperous business to would-be noodle shop owners.

Till date, we have more than 4,000 graduates worldwide, many whom own and manages highly successful ramen restaurants.


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