6-Day Intensive Ramen Course


"This ramen course
changed my life!!"

Nick Chan, Head Chef of Yardbird
Hong Kong

Learn to be able to make everything from scratch. By attending the course, you can expect to master the following:

1. Soup

Learn the structure of ramen soup (Soup stock + base sauce + flavoured oil). Learn how to make the basic types of soup stocks (pork-based, chicken-based, vegetable-based, fish-based), base sauces & flavoured oils using the Yamato method. Finally, we teach you how to blend these components to develop a  great ramen soups that sells.

2. Noodles

Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by studying the ingredients, processes and understand makes good noodles good. You will learn how to make various types of authentic ramen noodles from scratch by practical training on the most-advanced noodle machines.

3. Toppings

Learn how ramen toppings such as pork and chicken char siu, flavoured eggs, bamboo shoots (menma), etc. You will be taught making these with different cooking techniques, such as sous vide and low-temperature oven roasting.

4. Menu Development

Ramen is not a complete product unless noodle, soup, toppings are put and paired well. Also, presentation is critical in enhancing the image of ramen dishes, making customers willing to pay more. As the last class of practical training, we teach you how to develop your own unique restaurant menu.

5. Management

Analysing what makes successful restaurant successful, the secret formula for strong ramen restaurant that succeeds through time is revealed. You will have insights into how to build a restaurant concept, financing, human resources, and other issues that noodle restaurants managers must know and consider before starting their businesses. Have a Q&A with Master Fujii and ask him anything about the ramen business!

6. Operational Training

The training facility is designed to simulate real restaurant environment. On the 6th day of the school, participants will be cooking ramen as part of the operational training. This will give participants the opportunity to practice using proven workflow and processes that are efficient. 

Course Fees

The fees for this 6-Day course is SGD5,250. It covers all materials and textbooks. It is exclusive of travel & lodging.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone whom is considering to open a ramen restaurant. The course covers not just the cooking aspect but also the setting up and management of the restaurant.

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Course Schedule

What our students say about our course?

We conduct 1 course per month, limited to 8 seats per class. However, due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions to Singapore, we have suspended all courses. Please email to jason@ramenlab.sg if you need personalised consulting during this period. Stay safe!

Course Preview (Suspended temporarily)

If you are interested in attending our courses but is undecided, we will like to invite you to a 30-minute complimentary preview of our courses. During that 30 minutes preview, you get to learn what they paying participants learn! Drop us an email to book your slot.

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