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Who we are?

Yamato Noodle School is based in Kagawa and has it branches in Tokyo and Singapore. In collaboration with Ramen Lab, Yamato Noodle School started providing English courses (using the same curriculum as the Japanese courses), in Singapore since 2016.

Since then, we have trained hundreds of ramen chefs and restaurant owners and helped them launch their ramen businesses across the world.

Through more than three decades of experience, Yamato has accumulated knowledge about how to create a successful noodle specialty shop.


Yamato Noodle School focuses on teaching the ins and outs of a prosperous business to would-be noodle shop owners. 

The Yamato Noodle School in Singapore is helmed by Chef Jason Lim, whom is the trusted disciple of Principal Mr Kaoru Fujii. Chef Jason Lim was trained by Mr Fujii personally in 2006 and has been the Head Instructor of the Yamato Noodle School Singapore since 2016. Today, Chef Jason Lim travels all over the world, spreading his passion for Japanese noodles to the world.

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