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Ramen noodle recipes using pasta roller/cutter

Upon completing the 6-day ramen course in Singapore, many of my students ask how will they be able to get fresh, good quality ramen noodles back home if they don't have the Yamato Ramen noodle making machine. Here's a simple recipe that you can use to make small batches of ramen noodles!


Wheat flour (11% protein content)

Sodium carbonate

Table salt

Distilled water

Corn starch

Equipment / Utensils

Pasta roller/cutter

Weighing scale (1g increment / up 5kg)

Mixing bowl

Cling wrap


Ziplock bag


1. Dissolve sodium carbonate and salt in distilled water

2. Mix the water and wheat flour for 6 mins.

3. Knead into a dough and rest in a ziplock bag at room temperature for 1hr

4. After 1 hr of resting, portion into smaller batches and run the dough through the widest roller gap setting.

5. Fold the dough sheet into 2 and run it through the roller again. Do this twice.

6. Thin the dough sheet gradually until the desired thickness and cutter.

7. Apply corn starch during the thinning process to prevent the dough sheet from sticking.

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